Who we are

The Founder

The founder of Anura Tree Care, Pierre Soulard, is originally from a small francophone town in rural Manitoba. Growing up living amongst trees, he and his friends spent endless days building forts in the forest at every opportunity. This passion has evolved into a love for nature and all it offers; Pierre has made his home in the trees.

Our Mission

Anura Tree Care is dedicated to the improvement of our environment. We strive to conserve resources and repurpose them in a practical manner. This allows us to upcycle resources, to recycle the rest, and distribute these resources to meet the demands of our growing industry. These principles keeps us in tune with our environment and its needs.   

Eco friendly approach

We are upgrading to Lithium-Ion battery operated machines for all of our pruning, trimming, medium sized to smaller tree removals and our clean up equipment!

Bilingual services !!

Si vos arbres ont besoin d'être taillé, n'hésitez-pas et contactez-nous!

Driven socially for the well being of our communities

We are fully in the process of implementing a project to deal with the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer. We have plan!

Find out more about project Emerald